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18-Apr-2019   16:02 Hrs IST Call rates edge higher on Thursday <p align="justify">Interbank call rates, the rates at which banks borrow short-term funds from each other, were trading higher at 6.06% from its previous close of 6.04% on Tuesday, as banks preferred borrowing for their product requirement in the first week of fresh reporting cycle.</p><p align="justify">The overnight borrowing rates touched a high and low of 6.16% and 4.40% respectively.</p><p align="justify">According to the Clearing Corporation of India (CCIL), the weighted average rate (WAR) in the call money market was at 5.84% on Thursday and total volume stood at Rs 48025.29 crore, so far.</p><p align="justify">As per CCIL data, WAR in the TREP (Triparty Repo) market was 5.98% on Thursday total volume stood at Rs 129548.20 crore, so far.</p><p align="justify">The indicative call rates which closed at 6.04% on Tuesday, were contributions made from Andhra Bank, AXIS Bank, Bank of America, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, J P Morgan Chase, Citibank N.A., Corporation Bank, Credit Agricole Bank, Indusind Bank, ICICI Bank, ICICI Securities, IDBI Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank, RBS, Societe Generale, Standard Chartered, so far.<br></p>
18-Apr-2019   15:13 Hrs IST OTC trade data of government securities as on April 16 <p align="justify">As per the OTC data of on April 16, 6.65% GS 2020, maturing 09-April-2020 was in maximum demand with 4 number of trades and total 770.00 crore, at last traded price of Rs 100.14 and last traded YTM of 6.50%. Followed it 8.27% GS 2020, maturing 09-June-2020 with 4 trades of total volume 595.00 crore, at last traded price of Rs 101.77 and last traded YTM of 6.62%.<br></p>
18-Apr-2019   15:11 Hrs IST NSE Corporate Bonds Trading report
18-Apr-2019   15:03 Hrs IST Bond yields trade higher on Thursday
18-Apr-2019   10:41 Hrs IST Rupee strengthens on weakening of American currency in overseas markets
17-Apr-2019   11:24 Hrs IST Indian money market remains close on Wednesday
16-Apr-2019   17:26 Hrs IST Rupee loses ground for third straight session
16-Apr-2019   15:52 Hrs IST Call rates edge lower on Tuesday
16-Apr-2019   15:08 Hrs IST Bond yields trade higher on Tuesday
16-Apr-2019   14:38 Hrs IST NSE Corporate Bonds Trading report

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